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Useful Terms


Acid etching: This is a technique for preparing decorative floors. First the floor is covered with an acid-resistant layer. Hydrofluoric acid is applied to "etch" the floor into the scratched areas. The area covered with the protective material will not be affected by the acid.
Chemical Scrubbing: A process of removing difficult to remove stains such as grease, oil and food fats. Achieved with hydrochloric acid, this method is used before the preparation of the floor takes place to create a clean substrate from which materials can later be applied.
Grinding: The angle and curvature of diamond blades for the use of hard surfaces, produces a raw finish from which application of material takes place.
Non-slip: A form of safety flooring becoming increasingly popular as a result of increased work safety issues. Typically selected from a level of grading according to the needs of each case, non-slip flooring is usually accomplished through a particular sands grading thickness.
Roll Coat: Roll coating is the process of applying a coating to a flat substrate by passing it between rollers. Paint is applied by one or more auxiliary rolls onto an application roll, which rolls across the conveyed flat work.
Sanding: This application takes place to prepare and repair a damaged floor; or increase the profile of a floor before a final top coat takes place.
Scarifying: The removal of the top layer of an area for site preparation, usually completed with sharp metal teeth from a scarifier.
Scratch Coat: The first base coat put on epoxy or polyurethane. The wet coat is "scratched" with a scarifier or comb to provide a rough surface so the next layer of base coat will stick to it.
Shot blasting: A rapid, dust free process that leaves the substrate clean and dry. Shot blast machines hurl shot towards the intended surface at a high speed, removing debris, paint and build up from the surface.
Spraying: The application of a liquid in the form of small particles ejected from a sprayer.
Toweling: A flat-bladed hand tool for leveling, spreading, or shaping substances such as epoxy or floor leveler.


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